The Key to Gezelibar
By Essie Wood
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A childrens novel, The Key To Gezelibar

By Essie Wood

When Thomas and his sister, Millicent move into their Great Aunt Flora’s house after the death of their father, they were expecting a big change to their lives. Little did they know what a change it would be! Within days of arriving, they meet the creepy gardener, Clay and become very suspicious of his behaviour. Clay strangely mistakes Thomas for his late father, Peter and tells Thomas and Millicent in no uncertain terms to keep away from the shed in the backyard. Sensing that Clay could be up to trouble, Thomas and Millicent spy on Clay just as he is about to enter the shed using a very large, old and rusty key.

Thomas and Millicent soon realise there is something much greater at stake than just a silly old shed and unwittingly get noticed by Clay who chases after them. When Clay finds the duo, Thomas and Millicent learn first-hand that Clay is not a gardener at all but has been sent from the magical and mystical kingdom of Gezelibar to prevent a fabled prophecy from taking place. Years earlier and unbeknownst to Thomas and Millicent, their father Peter had helped the King and Queen of Gezelibar against the dark forces of the evil wizard, Shambol and his menacing birds of prey, the Tyranx. Gezelibar had been peaceful for many years but unfortunately has fallen into the hands of Shambol again. The only hope is the prophecy that children from the Outer World can bring back the Key to Gezelibar and rescue the King and Queen, bringing peace and happiness to the Kingdom once more.

Join Thomas and Millicent as they bravely escape from Clay and enter the gateway into the Kingdom of Gezelibar. Travel with them as they meet the strange and interesting inhabitants from across Gezelibar who have been planning meticulously for the day when assistance from the OuterWorld would arrive.

Can Thomas and Millicent help Gezelibar just like their father, Peter did? Can Thomas finally put aside his feelings of self-doubt to believe in himself and what he can achieve? Or will Clay catch up with them and stop them in their quest – or maybe his hatred will be his final undoing?

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